Through the Student Lens – business & management major

Why choose business and management—one of Wheaton’s most popular majors? What opportunities are available to students, thanks to Wheaton’s investment in growth and our culture of philanthropy? Take a look through the student lens.

Ashraya Sapkota ’20
Major/Concentration: Business Analytics
Hometown: Somerville, MA

Why business management at Wheaton?
I chose my business analytics major at Wheaton because it provides a wide range of fundamental ideas that we use in our everyday lives. The skills I have gotten from my financing, accounting, organizational behavior classes will help when it comes to working with co-workers after graduation. Data is also changing the world in all the possible ways you can imagine and I want to be a part of that growing trend.

In the spring, thanks to The Karen Strauss Cook ’74 Wheaton Business and Management Travel Fund, you had the opportunity to take part in the Wheaton’s Business in New York trip. The trip connects business and management students to outstanding leaders in the business world. How would you say this experience helps shape your vision of your professional life post-college?
This trip was very helpful in giving me an idea of things to expect after Wheaton. Meeting the alumni in NYC helped me get an idea of how far from Wheaton everyone goes and grows professionally.

President Hanno accompanied the students on the trip; how do you think his hands-on approach benefited the students on the trip?
President Hanno has been a crucial part to Wheaton’s success when connecting with alums in and out of Wheaton. His daily scheduling on the trip and connections made it worth going.

The generosity of Karen Strauss Cook ’74 and her family, made this opportunity possible. From a student perspective, what would you say to a parent or alum considering a gift to Wheaton?
As long as there are opportunities for students to grow within that gift to Wheaton, then by all means donate and watch those students flourish into a successful professional.

Do you have a favorite or memorable moment when you were interacting with other members of the Wheaton community, that you realized Wheaton was where you were meant to be?
Just connecting with past alums on where they are after Wheaton. Since we have the same experience of going to the same school, we could really see the successful places people go after they graduate. I think it will become an “a-ha” moment once I get a job and graduate. But for now it gives me an idea that I am meant to be here!

Through the Student Lens

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