Framed: Senior Studio Art Majors Exhibition 2009

Tracey Babin, Sarah Ball, Andrea Bravo, Elizabeth Cogburn, Ross Culliton, Bailey Edwards, Elyse Fortes, Paloma Gerber, Lena Isenberg, Galen Kerrick, George Kunhardt, Jessie Landau, Kendra Lawrence, Ben Marlowe, Evan Morse, Ashley Pillsbury, Kait Saaf, Mell Scalzi, Adam Thime, Kaylie Thompson, Simone Weisz, Briana White

April 22-May 8, 2009
Beard and Weil Galleries, Watson Fine Arts

Gallery Opening & Reception
April 22, 7 p.m., Haas Concourse & Lobby, Watson Fine Arts

Painting, printmaking, graphic design, drawing, sculpture, photography, textile and jewelry design, installation art and video are typically included in this annual show, advised this year by Professor of Art Tim Cunard.

Framed postcard mailer (back)