Advertising Course Collaborates with Mass Lottery

As the fall semester came to a close, final projects in the Business & Management courses allowed students to showcase the skills and knowledge they had acquired from the semester. Students in the MGMT 398 Advertising course, taught by Assistant Professor Eunji Cho, recently had the opportunity to present their final projects to their client, Mass Lottery

The students have been working on advertising campaigns for four different lottery products; Keno, Mass Cash, The Lottery app, and Instant Tickets. Each product manager shared a list of Spring 2024 goals and a target audience they wanted to reach for their product. The students were then split into four teams, or agencies, and each agency had to create a final advertising campaign that appealed to their specific product’s goals and audiences. 

Each agency had six students, each with different position titles. There was an account executive, an account planner, a copywriter, and in some instances, multiple art directors and media directors. In addition, all of the lottery products had different designs. Keno is a lottery played over television, the Lottery app is made for mobile devices, Instant Tickets uses a multiplier lottery design, and Mass Cash uses daily drawings to attract consumers. 

Each of the four teams had the opportunity to present their final advertising campaigns to their classmates and their company’s product manager over Zoom. Several members of the companies’ marketing teams were also present virtually. Once the presentation was complete, the product managers could give feedback, advice, and constructive criticism directly to the students on the strengths and weaknesses of their campaigns. 

Most of the goals of the lottery product managers were to attract young consumers to the product. Each team had a different approach for their campaign, either through promotional event concepts, social media outreach videos, radio advertisements, or physical medium advertisements in high-traffic areas. 

Furthermore, all the teams compiled primary research from focus group interviews and secondary research from other relevant advertisements. Some groups even made AI personas of target audience members, and others made promotional merchandise mockups. Each team had a unique and creative approach to their advertising campaigns. 

The product managers were receptive and impressed by the presentations. Christian Teja, the Director of Communications, said, “We commend everyone for the time, energy, and effort that they put into these projects.” In addition, Teja shared that Mass Lottery has two summer internship roles open and encouraged students to apply and help “put some of these ideas to use.”