Update on Testing Compliance

Dear Students,

There are only three and a half weeks left of COVID testing for the fall semester. The last day of testing on campus this semester will be Friday, November 21 with limited time slots available for students to sign up on Saturday, November 22. Given recent COVID spikes, travel orders in a number of states have changed, including New York and Connecticut. We encourage you to review the travel orders and guidelines where you will be traveling for break to prepare for any potential testing or quarantine requirements. Additionally, be sure to communicate with your family or host as it may be advisable to quarantine upon arrival after leaving campus and traveling to your remote location.

Over the last two weeks we have seen a significant decrease in compliance with the testing protocol among students. Specifically, more than 100 students each week have not adhered to their assigned testing cadence. This noncompliance is a risk to the community. As my email yesterday highlighting the increasing numbers in area communities stressed, it is imperative that we continue testing our community twice per week to mitigate the risk of an outbreak on campus.

In addition to de-densifying campus spaces, wearing face masks, and maintaining social distancing, testing remains an integral part of the success of our on-campus semester. These crucial mitigation standards need to remain the priority in our last few weeks on campus. With the finish line in view, we do not want to jeopardize our ability to make it to November 24 with continued non-compliance. My email on September 4 stated “any change in health and safety conditions and/or failure to adhere to the Community Commitment and other college policies may result in rolling back these policy modifications or pivoting to remote learning.” As such, the guest policy will be revoked as of Friday, ahead of the holiday weekend, if there is not significant improvement with testing compliance this week. Be sure to schedule your tests ahead of time.

A few additional notes:

  • You must test twice per week. You can schedule your tests for the remainder of the semester on CoVerified.
  • You cannot test on back-to-back days.
  • Your status must be “Cleared” in order to eat in the dining halls, use the fitness center or participate in in-person events on campus. Please note that regardless of your status, you are always able to get grab-and-go food from the dining hall.
  • If you have extenuating circumstances that cause you not to meet your testing schedule, please email covidtesting@wheatoncollege.edu. We are happy to work with students individually who are dealing with challenges. Communication is key.
  • If you miss your testing time, please call the testing center at 774-265-9007 to see if they can fit you in later in the day. The schedule generally fills quickly, so this may not always be possible.

Failure to adhere to established expectations and policies will result in student conduct action up to and including removal from housing and restrictions. It is an expectation that students have a “Cleared” status in CoVerified to be able to leave their residence, attend classes, and engage in other activities around campus.

Thank you for doing an amazing job with the expectations around face coverings and social distancing. We wish you all good health and we look forward to a fantastic finish to the semester.

On behalf of the COVID Testing Team,

Dean Zack

Questions or concerns – contact covidtesting@wheatoncollege.edu

COVID Testing Team
  • Zachary Irish, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students
  • Meghan Kass, Vice President of Finance & Administration
  • Cynthia Maricle, Associate Director of Student Health Services
  • Jillian Poirier, Assistant Director of Covid-19 Testing, Isolation & Quarantine
  • Kaylyn Smith, Coordinator of Covid-19 Testing, Isolation & Quarantine