International Student Highlight: Lorenzo Condemi

What is your name? Lorenzo Condemi

What is your major? English & Theatre

What is your country of origin? Milan, Italy

What is your class year? 2019

Can you tell us one interesting fact about your home country? It is the fashion capital of the world

What is the strangest thing you have noticed about US culture? It is very individualistic and concerned about personal space, as opposed to my collectivist culture where everyone knows everyone

How are you involved on campus? 
I am a writing tutor and an actor on the MainStage show

What is your favorite food? Truffle pasta with smoked cheese

What is your favorite movie? Nocturnal Animals by Tom Ford

What is your favorite place in the US? Boston

What do you miss about your home country? The sense of belonging

What do you like about Wheaton? How liberal and open-minded it is

What is your favorite place on campus to socialize? Chase

What do you want others to know about your home country/culture? Although not as big as Rome, it is still rich in cultural history and very cosmopolitan

What is one thing you have learned about the US since being here (cultural concerns, history, etc)? If you work hard enough, you can get far in life.