Sustainability Internship @ Mani & Co.

Learning about sustainability is something I deem everyone should take a part in, specifically learning how contributions to society are made.  Over the entirety of my internship, I completed research that studied sustainability in a multitude of industries, on a global scale.   Sustainability isn’t just about what we can do for the environment as in renewable energy or protecting the ecological life.  It is about how we spend our daily lives to protect our reality.  To reach this conclusion, I needed to collect an immense amount of research that contributed to the monthly newsletter.

For the newsletter, I was able to share my own perspective of sustainability while learning from media sources that were reliable and informative.  During that time I was able to progressively build on where the world was on the topic of sustainability.   Teaching me that there is much value in the data you can get from media sources, especially when you are willing to learn as much as possible. Another aspect of collecting data that I overlooked prior to my internship is the financial value it has.   I looked into endowments of Colleges/Universities; ranking them based on their location and how much money they had within each.  Overall data analysis is an important skill for understanding financial information and the key to effective research.

My overall experience at this internship was something that I will forever deem as valuable and worthwhile time.  I was able to apply my present knowledge from my academic courses to my daily tasks assigned to me by my supervisor. I learned more about myself than I ever thought I would know in my whole academic career.  This internship at Mani&Co was tough and strenuous because of the work that was expected of me. Involving knowledge of things I never have done before.  But, that didn’t mean I would give up.  It just meant that I needed to work even harder to show my worth and in the meanwhile make sure that I was learning something new.  Why else would I want to continue taking part in an internship if I am not assured I am learning something new.