Summer Internship at Parkview Advance

My name is Teg Cosgriff and I am a double major in economics and business management and a member of the class of 2021. This past summer interned at Parkview Advance LLC located in Stamford. CT. Parkview Advance is a small firm striving to be America’s small business financial partner. Their mission is to provide small business owners around the United States with affordable and honest customer care in order to allow entrepreneurs to take their business and dream to the next level. This internship provided me with a hands-on experience that influenced my future career endeavors by affirming my interest in the finance industry and the competitive aspect that comes with having a sales heavy position. This internship also made me realize that I want my future career to be one in which I have the ability to make meaningful positive impacts on the financial well-being of individuals. My daily job duties for this role entailed reaching out to and making initial contact with small business owners around the country in order to have a conversation around the aspirations and lending needs of their business. Additionally, I conducted brief credit review and underwriting processes with the help of the firm’s senior underwriters in order to assess what an individual will qualify for based on the information they provided. Furthermore, I would sit in on numerous sales calls in which I learned strategies on how to connect with individuals, work together to find a deal beneficial for both parties, and ultimately how to make and close on deals. What I found most exciting about this experience was how much I was able to interact with actual clients and work with them to establish long lasting meaningful business relationships. I enjoyed listening to people tell their story of how their business came to be and their vision for the future. It was then amazing to see how the service we provided would help be a part of the next step toward the growth of their business.