Summer internship with empowerHER

This summer, I interned for empowerHER, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support to girls and young women who have experienced the early loss of their mothers. Having been a member of this organization since high school, I was excited to see the program from the staff perspective.

With COVID-19, my internship looked a lot different than I had previously expected. In the past, empowerHER has had one or two local interns who came into the office every day and worked there. With the world going virtual, I had the opportunity to work with interns from all over the world, including Connecticut, Texas, California, Germany, and France. Aside from the internship going virtual, empowerHER was also able to expand our programs to be virtual, allowing us to serve girls all over the world rather than just in New England. Being a part of helping expand to a worldwide non profit was an amazing experience.

In terms of daily duties, I was able to be a part of many aspects of the programs, including social media, fundraising, and mission. In terms of social media, every day I was responsible for helping draft social media posts, like and comment on 100 posts per day, and respond to comments and messages.  At the end of the week, I would check the analytics of our posts to see what posts got the most engagement and why. In terms of fundraising, I would work in tandem with social media to post about all fundraising opportunities, along with organizing zoom calls for prospective donors. One of empowerHER’s biggest fundraisers of the year is the Falmouth Road Race, which was switched to an online at home version this summer. Organizing that event was one of my favorite memories as I was able to recruit runners from all around the world, along with planning our socially distanced run for all local runners who were interested in running as a team. All together, our team raised over $70,000 for empowerHER from runners all over the country.

Working with Mission was one of my favorite parts of my internship. Mission is responsible for both the 1:1 mentor program and Events for the Girls. Throughout my internship, I was able to help launch the virtual mentorship program, along with the “Welcome Call” program, which allows each newly enrolled member to receive a phone call from an enrolled girl in our Legacy program (ages 19-24) welcoming them to the program. I believe that working with Mission allowed me to leave an ever lasting legacy in empowerHER that will help girls all around the world for years to come.