Shouse Fellow Emily Chadwick Interns at Southwick’s Zoo

Shouse Fellow Emily Chadwick spent the summer working at Southwick’s Zoo alongside Wheaton Professor Kathy Morgan.  Emily was part of a research group that conducted animal memory research at the zoo.  In her reflection essay, Emily wrote “What energized me most about the work we were doing was that some of the time was hands on with the animals, and it was constructed in a way that allowed us (the research group) freedom to conduct research that interested us and assisted the animals and zoo. Being able to personally learn a lot about the animals I worked with at the zoo, as well as help the zoo learn more about the individual animals they were housing, was great.”  As a result of this experience, which Emily wrote was “the most rewarding work experience I have ever had,” she plans to research the physiology of animals in correlation with field work similar to the memory research she was helping conduct this summer.