My Internship with Bushman Hill Real Estate and Upaylo Merchant Services

by Samantha Ortiz

This summer, my experience with Bushman Hill Real Estate & Upaylo Merchant Services was so exciting. Not only did it further my experience but I actually developed a newfound appreciation for my daily routine. My daily job entailed conducting research to contribute to competitors and new market analysis to assist in strategy development; managing Instagram accounts to create and generate investment leads through consistent market research; prospecting, canvassing, and networking; working with senior interns to collect, analyze, and benchmark rents compared to fair market value and occupancy costs overall; preparing written materials for presentations and business memorandums; researching and proposing potential vendors and creating a database of contacts for future & current projects; and lastly assisting with ongoing project. I was surprised by how comfortable I became once I better understood the real estate industry which lent a hand to my excitement to market the company on social media. This by far was the most exciting aspect of the internship for me because in my own personal life I love social media so combining that savvy in the workplace was perfect for me. Funny enough, one day while I was marketing the company on Instagram I got a dm from the McDonald’s Instagram account. It’s such a vivid memory for me because it was just so random my coworkers and I just had to laugh.

Positively contributing to the daily functions of Bushman Hill Real Estate and Upaylo Merchant Services fostered an amazing all around experience for me. Working with Bushman Hill Real Estate & Upaylo Merchant Services has made me exceedingly confident to apply all that I have been taught at Wheaton in the real world. Furthermore, I am overjoyed by the endless possibilities and opportunities that this unique internship has provided me as I embark on other opportunities post-grad that are as conducive to a challenging and positive work environment with the same promise of acquiring many learned traits.