My Internship Overseas

My name is Sha-neek Roper, a current senior at Wheaton College, MA. I major in Business and management with a minor in Economics. In the beginning of the year before coronavirus took over the world I had the amazing opportunity of interning for a company called NAVA in London, United Kingdom. NAVA is a mobile application that makes personalized recommendations to you based on what you are interested in; covering restaurants, street art, culture, bars and pubs, and things to do like activities. It is a city-discovery platform that is fast becoming the authority on where to go and what to do in cities across Europe currently located in 4 different cities; London being its main location, Birmingham, Munich, and Berlin. I was able to intern as a business developer, thinking of ways we can expand the brand, such as identifying potential partnerships. My day would consist of organizing spreadsheets, creating competitor analysis, researching companies, meeting with brands that want to work with us, reaching out to companies I felt we should work with etc. It felt good  working in a different country/ environment and it allowed me to become more open minded about things. I’m a business owner myself and working with NAVA has helped me understand more in depth the logistics and the breakdown of running a company. I was able to work closely with the CEO and COO of the business which was a highlight because I didn’t feel under them but instead on the same level in a way.  With everyone working in their specific department, what makes the company stand out and that nobody is constantly over your shoulder telling you what to do, they trust what you do and if you have any questions they are always available and willing to answer them. Through my time at NAVA I learned different tactics on how to run a business more efficiently, how to organize members in the company by teams, and I learned that everything isn’t a rush but to continue building up your business and perfecting it until it’s time for your business to bloom. Appreciative for the experience, and also grateful for receiving the funding Wheaton provided to support it, made my time there less stressful.