My Internship at the Environmental Voter Project

Hello, my name is Harrison Zeiberg, I’m a Junior, I major in history and political science, and this summer I interned at the Environmental Voter Project (EVP). At EVP I worked to gather information about elections across the country, contacted local and county clerks offices, put together best practice sheets, and also called voters to connect them to vote by mail options in their states. Through this experience I was able to hone my research skills that I have been developing in school, experience work in a professional non-profit environment, and was able to contact people all across the country and make it a little bit easier for them to participate in our democratic process. Although phone banking at times proved difficult, and frustrating it was the most rewarding experience because out of one hundred calls I would make a day the odds were that ninety-nine were going to hang up on me, but if I could just help one person then I knew I did something good that day. One of the best parts about this internship was the amount of trust that we were given as interns. In other internship or work experiences I have had it seemed that those in charge wanted to walk us through much of our work. At EVP they really trusted us to independently complete major tasks that would affect how the organization ran. They expected us to complete our work efficiently, have it be done correctly, and although they were there to offer help, for us to do our work independently. This was properly the first time that I felt totally trusted by my supervisors in a professional work environment, and that made me not only appreciate the internship more, but allow me to grow, and realize that public service really is the type of work I want to do.