Max Enos ’12 Explores a Career in Literary Journalism Abroad

Max Enos ’12, winner of the 2010 Literary Fellowship, traveled to the Czech Republic to work alongside Carolyn Harris Zukowski ’91, editor and co-founder of The Literary Bohemian, an online literary journal.  Enos helped produce the September 2010 edition of the publication, reading submissions, managing the journal’s Facebook and Twitter sites, and writing book reviews.  According to Max, “Working for the magazine was the best job I have had, and although it was an English journal I did learn some basic Czech. I had the true experience of what is like to work for a literary journal. From conversations with Carolyn, I learned the ins and outs of an online literary magazine (creating a domain, developing the back end and front end of a web site, etc). I also became a better reader, and in turn writer . . . I hope someday to be privileged enough to help more students have amazing experiences like the ones I had during my summer internship at The Literary Bohemian.”