Alison Mehlhorn ’11 Volunteers at an Animal Reserve

This summer, Trustee Scholar Alison Mehlhorn ‘11 volunteered at an animal reserve for orphaned and injured wildlife in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  Alison found the experience incredibly valuable in that it allowed her to better understand herself and her future plans, which include medical school and a career focused on women’s health.  In her reflection essay, Alison wrote, “I’ve heard that it is the hardest things in life that can reap the greatest rewards, and in this case that could not be truer.  This has been one of the most challenging experiences that I have faced, but also one of the most rewarding which I think will influence me greatly in the years to come. Now I have to actually get out of bed, the sun almost beat me today. I’m on aviary duty this morning, which means I have to get the nectar pots ready and prepare the seed and … Just another day in Africa.”