Adams Fellows in Professional Development-Summer 2013

Application Criteria:
1. All Seniors are eligible, as long as they fully complete their graduation requirements by May 19, 2013.

2. Placements are to be summer ’12 professional development experiences that refine and advance career goals, i.e. an internship, a volunteer activity, apprenticeship

3.Your application must include:
a cover sheet, a letter from your Supervisor indicating that you have been hired in the position for at least 6-8 weeks this coming summer, a 1-2 page SINGLE-SIDED AND DOUBLE-SPACED Proposal from you identifying why it is important to undertake this experience now; how it serves as a building block for your career path delineating the duties/activities of the position that offer you practical training and which connect to your plans in September, a copy of your resume

4.All applications are due Noon Thursday, April 19, 2012. They are to be submitted electronically to Please be sure and follow guidelines as indicated.

5.Applications will be evaluated on the
a.significance of the experience as a building block for your career path; how it fits into the continuum of your career planning
b.demonstration of how this experience offers practical work-place training that can help you pursue your career goals
c.quality of writing and persuasion (thoughtful and surface perfect)
d.adherence to the guidelines

Winners will be notified by Wednesday, April 25, 2012.

If you are selected, your stipend will be considered taxable income in the 2012 calendar year and will be awarded in one sum in the first week of June.

In September, you will be required to write a reflective essay on the outcomes of your experience and to present an Action Plan for your next step.  These outcomes will be shared with the Donor.

Questions?  Please contact us at [email protected].