Wheaton Campus Bookstore

The Wheaton Campus Bookstore is moving to a hybrid model starting with the fall 2020 semester.  General merchandise, including clothing, gift items, snacks, technology, school supplies, and health and beauty aids, will be sold in a brand new space in Balfour-Hood.

Course materials will no longer be sold in the store.  All course materials will be ordered online and can be shipped to the store for free, or shipped to an external shipping address for a nominal shipping fee.  Average shipping time is 3-5 business days.  Orders should be placed in advance of the semester start date to ensure you have the materials you’ll need for class.

To purchase course materials, go to WheatonCollegeShop.com and follow three easy steps to order your textbooks and course materials:

Step 1:  Search by ISBN/title or by course and section.

Step 2:  Choose either rental, digital, used, or new. (Rental and digital books are generally more affordable.)

Step 3:  Choose in store pick up, or provide your delivery information.

Our store manager will be available to assist with any questions you may have about the new process. Please contact him using the information below:

Wheaton Campus Bookstore
David Veilleux
(508) 285-6941

Email: [email protected]