Meet Gracie Callaghan – Academic Advising Intern and our Scholar of the Week!

Gracie Callaghan is a rising senior at Wheaton College, pursuing an independent major in Social Justice Studies.  Gracie is the summer intern for Wheaton’s academic advising office and will be (amongst other projects) featuring scholars at Wheaton on the Wheaton Blog.

Gracie is passionate about working with historically disenfranchised communities. She interned at the Petey Greene program this past spring (2018) ,where she tutored incarcerated students at MCI Shirley, a maximum security men’s prison, and also performed some managerial tasks.  Gracie was afforded this opportunity through the College for Social Innovation, a partner of Wheaton College that gives students an opportunity to stay and intern in Boston for a semester. Gracie also has a lot of experience working directly with diverse populations. She has worked with homeless shelter clients, students in Rwanda, Africa,  high school students, Wheaton students and incarcerated students.>

Gracie is focused on creating positive and progressive change and believes that supporting underserved communities will achieve this goal. She encourages incoming students as well as current Wheaton students pursuing internships to “go after what they want, to never give up, and to never settle for less than what they want to achieve.”

Outside of internship life, Gracie has leadership roles on campus that focus on race and sexual violence. She has also researched the effectiveness of social justice programming for Wheaton’s multicultural center.  She was the Vice President of the class of 2019, and also a resident advisor, which she will continue to be this coming year. Gracie is excited to serve as the Student Alumni Association chair for the 2018-19 academic year.

We look forward to sharing more of Gracie’s experiences as a Wheaton intern and encourage you to keep an eye out for more of her blogs! We look forward to seeing you next week!