FYI: A new phishing scam is circulating: Google Drive File Sharing!

Drive Scam Play-by-Play

  • The scam is initiated by a standard email request, in most cases from someone you know, to view a shared document on Drive, with a subject line: Important Documents
  • Opening the email reveals a link to what is said to be a “very important document”
  • Clicking on the link leads users to a fake Google log-in page, which is essentially identical to the real one
  • The fake log-in page is even hosted on Google and contains SSL certification

Users who enter their information and “Sign in” are redirected to an actual Google Doc containing irrelevant information.  At the same time, and in the background, the user’s Google log-in credentials are sent to the scammer’s web server.

How to Avoid the Drive Scam

  • Delete any unsolicited invitations to share Google Documents
  • Do not click on links you receive from people you don’t know
  • Avoid logging in to Google through emailed links; instead, go to the real site and log in from there
  • Stop and think: If you use Gmail and are already logged on to your Google Account, you shouldn’t need to log on again to access Drive

As usual if you have any questions please contact Tech Support at [email protected] or call them at 508.286.3900