Lyons Lunch: Goya and Beethoven

Discover what our students are learning this semester about the consequential connections between Goya and Beethoven as well as the exciting projects that they are bringing to life.

President Dennis M. Hanno will host a Lyons Lunch and Learn webcast on Monday, December 8, 2014, starting at 12:30 p.m. EST.

He will be joined by Professors Ann Sears and Evelyn Staudinger to talk about the collaboration between their classes in mounting the exhibition “Goya and Beethoven: Finding a Voice out of Silence” which opened in the Weil Gallery on Nov. 19. The show is one of numerous Goya and Beethoven-themed events that the two classes have worked on over the course of the semester.

The two professors’ courses, in art history and music, are linked through Wheaton’s Institute for Interdisciplinary Humanities (WIIH), which offers students the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge through active, hands-on learning.

If you would like President Hanno and Professors Sears and Staudinger to address a particular topic related to their classes, and the Wheaton Institute for Interdisciplinary Humanities, you may email them in advance, or during the program, at [email protected].