Fall Gratitude from Wheaton College

Dear Wheaton Supporters,

Today I looked out my window from Mary Lyon Hall at a quintessential New England campus. I saw students donning Wheaton blue sweaters, sitting on blankets with their friends around our iconic dimple while bright red and orange leaves gently fell. At this moment, I found myself at peace. This moment of tranquility was when my mind drifted back to my liberal arts education, and I began reflecting on a philosophical question; what inspires us to give? 

In my decade-plus working in the non-profit sector, I have learned that philanthropy is both art and science. Likewise, the inspiration to give often reflects decisions of the heart and head. We support worthy non-profits because they are close to our hearts, and we know with certainty that our philanthropic contributions will be used wisely to help an organization deliver on the promise of its core mission. 

Whether your inspiration to give to Wheaton was from your heart, your head, or a perfect blend of the two, your continued support of the causes you care most about makes it possible for Wheaton to thrive. You provide our intellectually curious students with the tools they need to succeed within our vibrant living and learning community. 

Now more than ever, the generosity of donors like you plays a vital role in the experience of our students who come to Wheaton not only to find themselves but to get the skills needed to compete in a competitive global marketplace. Every gift aids our students in receiving a transformative experience that brings them one step closer to achieving their academic and career goals.

On behalf of the Wheaton community, I want to thank you for playing an essential role in Wheaton’s next chapter. As our institution stands poised at a major milestone, the tradition of philanthropic support from our community members is the fuel Wheaton needs to fulfill our renewed commitment to growth and transformation under Wheaton’s ninth President, Michaele Whelan. 

Thank you for being an integral member of our family of donors and for trusting in Wheaton that we will use your philanthropic support wisely. Because of you, our students have the opportunity to live our motto of “may they have life, and have it abundantly.”

By Patty Grundy, Director Wheaton Fund