Winter break at Wheaton

Winter Break ON Campus

Many students choose to return early for winter break to participate in some focused, residentially based programs. These programs provide a great opportunity for students to learn about a specific topic, engage with a cohort of peers, engage with faculty, staff and alumni and take some time to dive deeply into a topic or focus.

The following are current offerings on campus starting the week of January 15.

Weiss Women Leadership Program

The Weiss Women Leadership Program is a cohort-based program designed for first-year women who have outstanding potential, but may not initially see themselves as leaders. Women are nominated by members of the community and must apply and participate in a brief interview process. 10 first year women are selected to participate in a week long personal and leadership development program. During the program they are identifying strengths and challenges within themselves, creating a resume, learning how to speak in public, gaining skills in communication, confidence and leadership. They interact with a variety of faculty and staff on campus and travel off campus for one day to visit alumni in their workplace.  After the January program Weiss women are part of a small group on campus that gets together to share ideas, learn from each other and grow as women leaders on and off campus.  (By invitation and selection only).

May Fellows Colloquium

The May Fellows Colloquium is a productive and educational activity over winter break. A credit-bearing project-based opportunity for May Fellows to work in groups and research and develop original solutions to pressing problems around a theme. This year’s theme is “What is true?” Potential projects may be focused around the following topics: fake news, inter-religious dialogue, the scientific method, cognitive dissonance, logical fallacies, attitudes towards elites, artistic representation, and many others. (Application only for those currently in the May Fellows program).

The May Fellows Program is a cohort-based program that helps high achieving students thrive academically, connect socially, and engage deeply in the Wheaton community through co-curricular and residentially-based learning opportunities. May Fellows are among Wheaton’s most academically curious students interested in engaging with like-minded students and faculty through enriching activities.

WISE program: Wheaton Institute for Social Entrepreneurship Program

The WISE: Wheaton Institute for Social Entrepreneurship Program will gives students the tools necessary to turn ideas and passions into a reality.  Students who are selected to participate in the  WISE program answer the following questions:

Do you hope to create an initiative that would change the world?  Do you have an idea about a product that could positively impact society?

WISE is a three part program designed to help students involved  implement  a vision that can impact the world.  It begins with a week-long Meaning Maker Boot Camp held over January break, which is taught by the professionals of GCSEN (Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship Network).  After completing the boot camp students engage with monthly coaching sessions throughout the Spring semester with alumni mentors.  The program culminates in late May with a week of preparation for an investor pitch competition.  Through the generosity of the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation, the WISE Program is free of charge for those students selected. (Application due December 6th).

New Hope Educational Workshop

Wheaton is once again partnering with New Hope, our local domestic and sexual violence resource center, to offer an extensive Advocacy Workshop on campus January 16-19, 2018.

Previous participants have said that this workshop was one of the best programs they have participated in during their time at Wheaton! This free workshop is open to any member of the Wheaton community.

The four-day educational workshop focuses on the dynamics, prevention, and intervention of intimate partner violence (IPV), sexual assault (SA), and family violence. The specific goals of the workshop are to: enhance campus awareness of and response to sexual assault and IPV; educate campus volunteers, students, faculty, and professional staff in the basics of SA/IPV prevention and intervention; expand volunteer and/or internship opportunities with agencies serving survivors of sexual assault, IPV, and/or family violence; give students considering a career in this area an opportunity to document basic training in the field.

Interested students, faculty, and staff are asked to complete and submit the 2018 New Hope Educational Workshop application to the SMART Coordinator, Courtney Ruggles ([email protected]) by Wednesday, December 20th.

To access the application and learn more, please visit the SMART website.

These residential Wheaton January experience programs provide an intense, deliberate and fun way for students to spend part of their break on campus. Students learn critical skills vital to their education both in and outside the classroom by participating in these offerings.