Hall Closing

The end of the academic year is nearly upon us. While your students are likely focused on their academics, it is easy to miss some important information about moving out of the Residence Halls.

Here are some highlights that you should be aware of as you and your student(s) make plans to leave campus:

All Residence Halls and Houses close on Saturday May 14th at 8pm for returning students. Students must vacate 24 hours after their last exam or by Saturday, May 14th at 8pm (whichever comes first). Graduating seniors will be expected to depart by 5pm on May 21st.

At Wheaton, reunion and graduation occur over the same weekend, and many alumni who return to campus stay in Residence Halls. This makes for a wonderful experience on Commencement/Reunion weekend, but the unfortunate consequence is that we are not afforded any flexibility with late departures due to the time needed to prepare rooms.

Room Condition
Rooms are expected to be left in good condition before students leave. We expect residents to remove their belongings (including wall decorations), take out trash, and make sure that college furniture is in the room and set-up as they found it.

“Give and Go” Donations
Don’t throw away those unwanted items! Residents often have gently used belongings that they are no longer using, please encourage them to donate to the Give and Go Yard Sale. Proceeds benefit local charities (and it’s one less thing to move home). Look for donation bins in all of the residence halls and houses.

A limited amount of storage is available on campus for students returning to Wheaton. You must live over 500 miles from campus and are limited to two items. Students can find more information and the registration form online.

Students will be meeting with their RA’s to go over all of this information. We will also sending them this information to their email and posting it online. If they have any questions, please encourage them to contact our office or ask their RA.

Good luck to your students with finals!