What will the catalog look like?

It’s a search box, with bells and whistles! Take a look for yourself.

Will I need to get get a new borrowing card?

No, everything stays the same for checking things out.

Will there still be a JournalFinder?

Yes. It will look a little different – including the ability to view the journal list in different languages.

What about off campus access to library resources?

Instead of using your name and library barcode to login, you’ll use your W# and password. That’s the only change!

Will any training be provided for users of the new system?

Yes.  By the fall semester, all the R&I liaisons will be familiar with the new system and can provide training for courses, groups of students and individual users upon request.

Does this affect HELIN?

Kind of, because we are all “movin’ on up” to WorldShare together, but the HELIN consortium will still exist to share resources.

Can we still borrow from other HELIN member libraries?

Yes you can!  You will still have the ability to borrow from HELIN libraries.  There may be short periods where the process is slightly different during the transition.  We will alert you to any changes as they come and staff at the Information Desk will be there to guide you through the process.