Preserving the Dimple

Agnes “Ashie” Santangelo ’58 and her late husband Lou made a leadership gift to fund the installation of an irrigation system as part of The Dimple Renewal Project. A stone-mounted plaque has been installed on The Dimple in appreciation of their generous gift.

Ashie visited campus recently and shared a few memories of her days on The Dimple.

Wheaton Musings

by Ashie Santangelo ’58

The Dimple was always a landmark. I remember “borrowing” trays in the dining room so we could go sledding on snowy afternoons. I even have a movie to prove it! Not sure how that happened, but I think my fiancée had a new camera, and he wanted to practice his skills. Yes, I was engaged my senior year in college, as were so many of my classmates. 

My Wheaton memories have always been positive. It was my first time away from home, and I climbed up to that fourth floor of Everett Hall with great expectations and excitement. What a great group of girls from so many places, so many backgrounds and a variety of religions. Before the four years were over, I had a strong group of friends. We gathered over the years with husbands who had also bonded. We attended reunions but also met in each other’s hometowns in between. 

The present College isn’t the Wheaton I knew, but it has become a strong institution influencing a diversity of students. And the one thing that we all have in common is The Dimple—sitting in the middle of the original campus.

I had philanthropic parents. My husband and I have supported so many local organizations through the years. It seemed natural and timely to give to our colleges.