April 9-11 & 16-18, 2009


by William Shakespeare
Directed by Professor of Theatre David Fox

Something wicked this way comes. Patrick Dougherty’s Twisted Sisters is the inspiration for this outdoor/indoor staging of Shakespeare’s bloodcurdling morality play. The toil and trouble begins at sundown.

Twisted Sisters installation and Weber Theatre, Watson Fine Arts


Macbeth Zach LeClair ’08
Lady Macbeth Emily Karelitz ’10
Banquo Jay Spriggs ’09
Fleance Daniel Santos Fox
Macduff Patrick McCormick ’10
Lady Macduff Grace Geller ’10
Duncan Alex Grover ’09
Malcolm Danny Hoffman ’09
Donalbain/Macduff’s Child Jenny Brum ’12
Lennox Morgan Ahern Shattuck ’11
Ross Adam Wilson ’11
Angus Rory Sullivan ’10
Seyton Samuel Holdship Brown ’09
The Weird Sisters Katherine Abraham ’09
Leigh Lanocha ’09
Caitie Ryan-Norton ’11
Hecate Tess Jones ’10
Bloody Captain, Murderer, and Doctor Austin Trites ’09
Porter, Murderer, and Messenger Sam Russell ’09
Stage combat Sam Russell ’09
Adam Wilson ’11
Patrick McCormick ’10
Zach LeClair ’08
Musicians Jay Spriggs ’09
Samuel Holdship Brown ’09
Sam Russell ’09
Jenny Brum ’12


Director David Fox
Scene Design & Costume Design Clinton O’Dell
Lighting Design and Technical Direction David Cook
Sound Design Jay Spriggs ’09
Assistant Sound Design Samuel Holdship Brown ’09
Stage Manager Enna Pasceau ’08
Assistant Stage Manager Peter Szabo ’12
Light Board Operator Will Allen ’09
Sound Board Operator Rachel Gordon ’09
Backstage Manager Libby Froeber ’12
Projection Designer George Kunhardt ’10
Electricians Palmer Egan ’09
Amy Hopkinson ’09
Michelle Riccio ’09
Claudia Rodezno ’09
Technicians Stephanie Antetomaso ’12
Miles Cooper ’09
Kumar Garbuja ’09
Laura Goldstein ’12
George Kunhardt ’10
Andre McLaughlin ’09
Mackenzie Morris ’12
Ben Resnicow ’09
Samira Sanders ’09
Jesse Shaw ’12
Jan Soebbing ’12
T.J Sponzo ’09
Costumer Laura Donovan ’12
Stitcher/Wardrobe Molly Grand-Jean ’09

Poster for Macbeth, spring 2009