No Exit

October 29-31, 2009

written by Jean-Paul Sartre
directed by Jay Spriggs ‘09

Kresge Experimental Theatre, Watson Fine Arts


Valet Stephanie Antetomaso ’12
Joseph Garcin
Patrick McCormick ’10
Estelle Regault Rachel Schink ’11
Inez Serrano Emily Karelitz ’10


Director & Scene Designer Jay Spriggs ’09
Stage Manager & Costume Designer
Lindsey Ford ’09
Lighting Designer & Light Board Operator Heather Gordon ’13
Hair & Makeup Jaclyn Nikodemos ’07


Director’s Note
It has been a distinct honor for me to be able to present this play to you during my last semester at Wheaton College. I was lucky to have an incredibly independent and passionate cast and crew, who consistently surpassed everything I asked of them and never failed to bring their absolute dedication to this project.Jean-Paul Sartre’s play No Exit has always been close to my heart because of the power of its concept.  What could be simpler than placing three fundamentally flawed people in a room in Hell and watching what happens? And what makes No Exit a truly great play is the incredibly confident hand Sartre has. After the initial setup, he leaves his characters alone. They become responsible for their fates and we get to watch their journey into Hell.

What you see is primarily the work of my wonderful cast and crew.  They have given me the privilege of being an audience to their growth and exploration over these last six weeks, and there hasn’t been a day I haven’t been eager to see where they would take the play next.  I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I have.

Thank you.

—Jay Spriggs ’09