Student-Curated Exhibition Opens in Beard Gallery

On Thursday, 1 December 2016, the student-curated exhibition It’s Elemental: Water opened in Wheaton’s Beard Gallery. Curated, designed, and installed by the 13 students enrolled in ARTH 335: Exhibition Design, the show includes more than 75 objects from the college’s Permanent Collection and the Marion B. Gebbie Archives & Special Collections, as well as several private loans. The first of four biannual student-curated exhibitions exploring the classical elements of water, air, earth, and fire, It’s Elemental: Water considers the ways in which water affects our world. The exhibition is open through 22 February 2017.

It’s Elemental: Water, curated by the students of ARTH 335: Exhibition Design. Photo by Jessica F. Kuszaj.
Label-writing and research workshop in the Collection Study Room.
Caroline Kennedy, Class of 2019, and Jana Griffis, Class of 2018, hang the Gladys E. Bengough collection of drawings.
Painting a graphic of Wheaton’s Peacock Pond on the gallery’s front wall.
Samantha Tannatta, Class of 2019, and Jack Brotherton, Class of 2017, move artwork into the gallery during the installation phase of the course.
Jialei Feng, Class of 2017, and Caroline Kennedy, Class of 2019, hang a silkscreen print by the American artist Fran Bull.
Rebecca Maitland and Jack Brotherton, both Class of 2017, prepare to hang Clémence Roth’s painting “Une Tasse de Thé”.
Celebrating a job well done!