Liz McKay

Liz McKay ’08. Medical Student, Mezzo-Soprano. After graduation in May, 2008 I spent 2 years working as a Clinical Research Assistant at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA where I was involved in women’s health studies and education. In that time, I also was a member of a local Master’s Swim Team and studied private voice under one of Boston’s famed gems, Pamela Dellal, a mezzo-soprano. In August, 2010 I entered medical school – Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Parker, CO where I now reside. While my studies are demanding, I try to keep music as a strong presence in my life. My hope is to one day practice in a hospital setting and work as a part-time soloist for local churches or private organizations where time allows.

The Wheaton Music Department was instrumental in my development as a solo vocalist. While at Wheaton and beyond, I have participated in statewide competitions and have had many opportunities to showcase my talents in the community. I am indebted to the faculty and particularly, Joanne Mouradjian, William MacPherson and Ann Sears for their tireless commitment and guidance in my maturation as a singer. Who knows what path my career, both in music and medicine will follow, but I can guarantee that my education, appreciation and awareness of musical diversity across cultures in the fine arts was shaped and redefined during my time at Wheaton. My college experience was invaluable in many ways, and it is comforting to know that in the pursuit of your passion and interests, Wheaton faculty will be standing behind you with enthusiasm and support all along the way.