Jordan Trundy

Jordan Trundy '10Jordan Trundy ’10. Apple Computer Employee, Baritone. My first year out of college took an unexpected but surprisingly excellent turn. In the spring of 2010 I applied for two opportunities, one to study voice at the graduate level at the Longy School of Music in Boston, and the second to become part of the Apple Store Leadership Program. Through this program I earned a full time career in the Braintree store, which in turn opened up some doors for me at Apple, and I am currently working with the business team to provide purchasing and training opportunities for small to large businesses in the Boston area. While I did not pursue Longy, I am very happy with my current work and plan to forge a long term career with Apple. My music opportunities are still open however, and I have been offered several opportunities to teach voice lessons and perform for churches in the surrounding area which I plan to take advantage of soon.