The Order of the Universe

Andi Sutton, Gardens of the Future: Conversation in Memorial

October 16–December 13, 2013
Beard & Weil Galleries, Watson Fine Arts

In recognition of Wheaton’s new award-winning Mars Center for Science and Technology, The Order of the Universe is the second in a four-part series of exhibitions in the Beard and Weil Galleries that explore the connections between science and art. Each exhibition will showcase the work of artists who draw from science in their content, process, and/or methodologies.

Contrary to popular belief, scientists and artists share a common goal: to understand ourselves and the world in which we live.  Science has provided us with systems, methodologies, and principles designed to give order to things, and many artists have adopted these same strategies to classify, analyze, and compare what we experience. These four artists either reference or utilize scientific classification to organize materials and ideas, while also commenting on the environment, human behavior, and technology.


Marina Zurkow
Andi Sutton
Julie Kumar
Jodi Colella


Opening Reception
October 17, 2013, 6-8pm
Haas Concourse & Lobby, Watson Fine Arts

Artist Talk by Andi Sutton
November 5, 2013  6:30pm
Ellison Lecture, Watson Fine Arts

Turning Everyday Materials Into Art: A Talk and Workshop with Artist Jodi Colella
November 15, 2013  12-1:30pm
FiberSpace (Room 233), Old Science Center
RSVP Required by November 13

Artist Talk by Marina Zurkow
November 18, 2013  6:30pm
Ellison Lecture, Watson Fine Arts