Exhibitions 2002-2003

Opened April 15, 2003

Lone Gunmen: Senior Art Major’s Exhibition

March/April 2003

The Power of the Print: Durer, Rembrandt and Goya curated by the students in Professor Evelyn Staudinger Lane’s class “The Art of the Print,” Spring 2003

March 3-April 5, 2003

Paintings by Miki Hsu Leavey ’74

January 29-March 12, 2003

Balancing Tribal Accounts: George Flett, Spokane Artist

January 29-March 7, 2003

Shadow: A portfolio of twenty-five prints by artists in Experimental Etching Studio, in memory of Meryl Brater ’72

January 29-February 21, 2003

Reactions and Reflections: Continuing Responses to September 11

October 28-December 13, 2002

Robert Rohm: Sculpture and Drawing

Swiss Ski Posters

September 9-October 20, 2002

Wolf Kahn & Emily Mason: An Inaugural Exhibition celebrating the opening of the Bears and Weil Art Galleries