The Maiden Voyage of NOMAD 1

October 31st marked the launch of the Art Department’s first Mobile Small Works Gallery, affectionately monikered NOMAD 1. The gallery is something like a cross between a sculpture pedestal and a hotdog cart and will serve as a traveling venue for making visible the exciting work of visual artists across campus! We envision a small fleet of these galleries eventually popping up here and there, hosting temporary themed exhibitions curated by students and faculty. Anyone may propose a show.

The inaugural exhibition entitled Space Within showcases the work of three Spatial Dynamics students: Mary Sawyer ’16, Taline Doursounian ’17, and Weiyi Qian ’17. At the moment of this entry, Nomad 1 is parked near the café in the new Mars Center for Science and Technology. Anyone in our community who scans the gallery’s QR code to learn more may also elect to automatically report the gallery’s location on a map that is displayed on the Mobile Small Works Galleries page on the department website.

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