Art, Politics, and the Environment in Zina Saro-Wiwa’s Port Harcourt Project

November 6, 2014

featuring Amy Powell, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Krannert Art Museum

Since 2013, artist and filmmaker Zina Saro-Wiwa has been making video and large format photographs in Port Harcourt and Ogoni villages in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Featuring subjects ranging from masquerade to food, Saro-Wiwa’s new work aims to engage and further cultivate creative relationships between self and environment. In anticipation of a solo exhibition Powell is organizing, this talk will raise questions around the work in progress, which is immersed in the Niger Delta but also in conversation with broad interdisciplinary fields, including socially engaged contemporary art and ecocriticism.

Ellison Lecture, Watson Fine Arts, 5 p.m.