The Six Days of Writing

By Delanie Honda, Class of 2014.

Tuesday, six days left:
This is good. I’m starting this essay early so I can turn in a really well organized, polished paper. Lady Chatterley’s Lover: I’ve already read it, but I should probably read it again. While reading, I’ll start thinking about essay topics. Should I talk about the physical versus intellectual relationships? I bet everyone will write about that. I’ll keep reading.

Wednesday, five days left:
The author talks a lot about industrialization and social classes; that sounds like a good paper topic.

Thursday, four days left:
Definitely writing about social class.

Friday, three days left:
Okay, I’m writing this paper tonight even though it’s Friday. I’ve only read up to chapter 11, but I think I remember the rest.
Wait, what’s this? A text to hang out…I shouldn’t but…. as long as I’m back by midnight, I can start an outline.

Saturday, two days left:
So that outline didn’t happen. That’s okay; it’s only 8 am. I’ll just watch one episode of “Portlandia” before I begin.

Maybe I should write about the author’s views of women instead. Nah, I don’t know enough about that. I’ll stick with my original idea. Good. My topic is picked out and now I can go to the basketball game.

I’m back. I have to do some work. “Social class is a really important part of Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence.” That sounds like a good start.

Sunday, one day left:
How is this already due tomorrow? I need to start writing this now. I don’t really know what my thesis is going to be, but I’ll just start my body paragraphs. Hopefully my thesis will come to me while I’m writing.

I think I should add in something about the industrialization aspect in addition to social class. I probably should change my thesis too.

Ugh. I should switch my topic to the theme of sexuality. No, I already have two good paragraphs. Keep going.

This last body paragraph is kind of irrelevant. I should delete it, but then I’m a half page short. I think I can incorporate it in some way.

Nope, it still doesn’t work. Fine, I guess I have to delete that paragraph. Now I have to rethink the rest of the paper. I’ll play a game of Tetris while I think. Maybe two games.

Come on, almost finished. Just the conclusion left. Man I hate conclusions.

Whew, done! The paper isn’t as polished as I hoped but I think I have a strong thesis, and I made some good arguments. I really shouldn’t have let myself be so distracted, but it’s so hard when there are so many fun things to do! Good thing my mom can’t see me now. If she could, she’d definitely lecture me on good time management. Next time I swear that I’ll start the paper earlier!