Announcing the 2015-16 WIIH Learn Program

This year we have planned a robust program to develop the leadership skills of the WIIH Executive Fellows. WIIH Executive Fellows are being trained so that they are able to work collaboratively to propose revised sexual assault prevention content and new delivery systems that the college can use to:

  • increase student engagement with sexual/public health information;
  • engage current students in sexual assault prevention;
  • contribute to the professional development for current students;
  • support the real world application of learning through project-based learning;
  • and to collaboratively work to reduce the incidence of sexual assault on our campus.

This Fall the Executive Fellows will be trained in:

  • Grant Writing,
  • Social Media Marketing,
  • Branding and Marketing,
  • Data Visualization,
  • Public Speaking,
  • Outreach Teaching,
  • and Sexual Health Promotion.

The trainers are both alumni and Wheaton College-associated professionals. The Alumni Mentor WIIH Learn Sessions are particularly important as they will allow the fellows to imagine their workplace futures and make deep connections beyond the college.