Announcing the 2015-16 WIIH Executive Fellows

To empower students with the intellectual and practical tools required to examine the theories and practices that inform and enact social justice work across the disciplines we have selected a group of Executive Fellows from across campus and all class years. This competitively selected group of students will lead our campus on integrating the practice of humanities in the service of the public good. Welcome to this year’s WIIH Executive Fellows!

Adaeze Anaebonam ’18
Jren Blackwell ’19
Gracie Callaghan ’19
John Doncaster ’19
Shahd Fahoum ’18 (Anthropology and Political Science)
Hannah Gasperoni ’17 (Biochemistry)
Emily Johnson ’16 (Psychology)
Katherine Kowal ’16 (Economics and Women and Gender Studies)
Jessica Kruger ’17 (Psychology)
Stephanie Langlois ’17 (Biology)
Nykia Leach ’17 (Public Health)
Alexandra Natale ’16 (Film and New Media Studies and Women and Gender Studies)
Shruti Sudarsan ’19.