Investigating Social Problems

Image of book cover Professor A. Javier Treviño, working with a panel of experts, has published a groundbreaking new text, Investigating Social Problems, which thoroughly examines all aspects of social problems, providing a contemporary and authoritative introduction to the field. Each chapter is written by a specialist on that particular topic. The text is framed around three major themes: intersectionality (the interplay of race, ethnicity, class, and gender), the global scope of many problems, and how researchers take an evidence-based approach to studying problems. It is also infused with balanced and contemporary coverage of theory.

During the American Sociological Association meetings in San Francisco, August 2014, an exclusive cocktail event celebrating the publication of Investigating Social Problems was sponsored by SAGE Publications. The event was held in the Vista Lounge of the San Francisco Hilton. The book was also featured at the ASA book exhibit.

Publisher's display at conference

Authors standing, holding text entitled "Social Problems".