Gonzalo Brujó, ’97

Gonzalo Brujó is the Chairman for Latin America and Iberia of Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy. Ever since he joined Interbrand he has held different managerial positions. His role involves working daily in the business growth, identifying new business and marketing opportunities and supporting and overseeing consulting projects. He is also a renowned speaker at conferences, a columnist, a consultant in major firms, a writer of various best sellers and a lecturer at several business schools. Prior to joining Interbrand, he worked in Green Team Advertising in New York and in Future Brand in New York and Mexico for several years.

“Ever since I left Wheaton I pursued a career in marketing, advertising and branding which was at the time my main area of interest and is still my passion today. After holding different roles in various companies and regions (Latam, USA, Spain), I have come to realize how important my Sociology background has become. In Interbrand we believe brands have the power to change the world and most importantly that the best brands are sensitive to human needs and desires. In today’s changing world we need to fully understand the evolution and changes in consumers and trends and that is where I always like to think of my Sociology studies, as understanding today’s social movements is crucial for brands and businesses to succeed.

“Education is no doubt the beginning of every successful career. My BA in Communication, Politics and Sociology in Wheaton has given me the tools and the analytical and critical thinking needed in today’s increasingly competitive world. My studies in Wheaton have also secured me a challenging, yet interesting job which I look forward to and enjoy every single day”.