Exploring Society Visually

by John Grady

“Exploring Society Visually” consists of fifteen visual essays and slideshows (vignettes) produced to complement various chapters in three introductory sociology textbooks: Dalton Conley’s You May Ask Yourself, Kerry Ferris and Jill Stein’s The Real World, and Anthony Giddens et. al. Introduction to Sociology, all published by W.W. Norton. Each of the vignette addresses an abiding concern or issue in the study of society today.

• “Unintended Consequences”

• “What do we celebrate today?

• “Young people and altruism?”

• “Who are our superstars and what do they want from us?”

• “Good people and dirty work”

• “Is women’s work still never ending?”

• “How are whites’ racial attitudes changing?”

• “How have kids’ worlds changed?”

• “Do Americans support civil liberties?

• “Occupational prestige in cartoons”

• “Contemporary shrines”

• “Can chronic conditions be solved?”

• “Is sex out of control?”

• “Girly Girl”

• “Is demography destiny?”