Taylor Matook

Taylor_MatookTaylor Matook ’16 is a Political Science major that has used her time at Wheaton to stay active on and off campus. As a student-athlete, Taylor has represented Wheaton on the volleyball team for all four years of her collegiate career. Off the court, Taylor spends her time balancing school work and her involvement in several different organizations and clubs on campus. As Vice President of the Middle East Club, Taylor helps to plan events and promote a global awareness of the Middle East. Her Middle Eastern ethnicity has truly made sharing and celebrating Middle Eastern culture and history with her peers an important aspect of her daily life. Taylor is also Senior Copy Editor of The Wheaton Wire and takes time each week to edit the articles that are to be printed in every issue of the newspaper. As Faculty Research Assistant to Professor Shomali, Chair of the Political Science Department, Taylor also applies her editing skills to Professor Shomali’s personal research. She is also helping to plan the Poli Sci Department’s table for Welcome to Wheaton Day coming this April. Taylor is also active in promoting gender equality as a resident of the Emerson Feminist Perspective House on campus, which has truly helped to shape her feminist identity.

After Wheaton, Taylor intends on going to law school to fulfill her dream of becoming a lawyer. She has already been accepted to four law schools with scholarships (Roger Williams, Quinnipiac, Suffolk and New England Law) and is excited to begin the next chapter in her education. After studying abroad and working at an international arbitration office in Paris as well as interning at the Office of the Attorney General of RI, Taylor is ready to take on a career that may lead her abroad or close to home in the States. She feels determined to pursue a legal career that will make a difference in the lives of her clients. Although she is currently undecided on the law she wants to practice, her passion lies within the domain of public interest. As Taylor prepares to say goodbye to Wheaton in May, she is grateful for the education, community and memories Wheaton has given her these last four years.