Olympia Sonnier ’10

One year after graduation, Olympia Sonnier ’10 is working in Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Communications Office.  Her responsibilities include writing press releases, talking points and assisting the Press Secretary and Director of Communications with any public events.   During her time with the Cuomo Administration, she has worked on projects such as The State of the State Address, the New York State 2011-2012 Budget Address, the Budget Agreement, and the People’s First Tour, in which the Governor, Lt. Governor and members of the cabinet travelled across New York in order to gather public support for the Governor’s Legislative agenda, including marriage equality, ethics reform and a property tax-cap. She spends her time between Albany and New York City.   Olympia joined the Governor’s campaign in July 2010 and worked as a press aide throughout the race. In the last year, she has learned about the inner-workings of state government and the million’s of people who are effected by its action.  The best part about her job is the fact that no two days are ever the same.   By working in the communications office she gets to learn and write about every part of the administration- from disaster relief to nuclear power plants, education grants to economic development, task forces on Medicaid and Mandate Relief to legislative proposals.

Olympia’s time at Wheaton provided her with the perfect background to work in government and succeed at her new job.  She resorted back to countless professors for help on projects and utilized her writing and research skills that she cultivated at Wheaton.