Middle East Club

The Middle East Club (MEC) has been dedicated to celebrating and sharing the culture, history and current events of the Middle East at Wheaton College. Over the last few years, the presence of MEC on campus has grown extensively. Last semester, MEC helped planned a luminaria for the victims of the global tragedies that garnered international attention after the Paris attacks last November. Beyond MEC’s hookah and henna events that are scattered throughout the year, the club is also currently planning its biggest annual event: Middle East Week. The key note speaker for this year is Mr. Rami Khouri, who will be presenting on  the topic of ISIS. Throughout the week, each day will offer a new event, such as a belly dancing lesson, hookah, a movie and delicious Middle Eastern food. Before Middle East Week begins, however, MEC is collaborating with FAW and iSpeak to bring Roxy Azari to Wheaton to celebrate Women’s History Month (March). Roxy, a Wheaton alumna, is an Iranian-American poet champion that received a Wheaton Fellow to work in the Middle East, North Africa and South-East Asia. After a year full of exciting activities, MEC is determined to continue its goal of spreading awareness and knowledge about a region that is rich in diversity, history, culture and current events.