Jared Duval ’05 and Next Generation Democracy

Photo of Jared Duval '05

Jared Duval ’05 (Photo: Justin Haaheim)

Jared Duval graduated summa cum laude from Wheaton in 2005, receiving both the Daniel Lewin prize for the top Political Science major and the Catherine Filene prize for the top Economics major in his class and receiving honors from the Political Science department for his senior thesis, “Climate of Negligence: Global Warming and the US Political Agenda,” which was advised by Professor Jay Goodman and reviewed by Professor Gerry Huiskamp. Working with Dean Alex Trayford, Professor Darlene Boroviak, and, again Professors Goodman and Huiskamp, Jared also competed for and was awarded the Morris K. Udall scholarship (for scholarship and excellence in national environmental policy) and the Harry S. Truman scholarship (for commitment to a career in public service, leadership potential, and outstanding academic achievement). Post-Wheaton, Jared has gone on to serve as National Director of the Sierra Student Coalition, the largest student environmental advocacy organization in the country and, most recently, to author the book, Next Generation Democracy: What the Open-Source Revolution Means for Power, Politics, and Change while a fellow at the New York based think tank, Demos. In October 2012 he will begin a Modern Society and Global Transformations graduate degree program at the University of Cambridge.