Philosopher Seeks Internship – and Finds Three

Sanjana Mitesh Kulkarni ’23 wrote to ask the chair of her major department earlier this summer to ask about internship opportunities for philosophers.  Associate Professor John Partridge wrote back with a few tips and some reminders of what skills philosophy majors have that organizations hold in high regard.  What happened next surprised them both.  Sanjana found three internships!

Professor Partridge asked Sanjana to talk about each opportunity, and her replies follow:

“The Unico Project is an initiative that provides resources to high school students to smooth their transition to college and minimize uncertainty. One of the major resources Unico provides is its mentorship program that connects every high school student to a mentor based on their major and university preferences. The initiative also provides a forum to communicate with members of the project as well as a blog that contains articles written by college students about their college lives. At Unico, I am a blog author, a content developer, and a member of the resource team. I write articles and come up with content for social media as well as performing the roles of a mentor. My work at Unico is focused upon attempting to reach out to high schoolers through my work and giving them an insight into what college is like to manage their expectations and anxieties.”

“She the PWR is an organization that aims to create a more female-equal society and empower young girls to be future leaders and change-makers. She the PWR intends to empower women to explore aspirations in formerly male-dominated fields and pave their way into leadership roles. Our initiatives, such as the talking circle and the leadership development workshops to encourage women to step out on their own. This initiative is mainly focused on Indian women, but also extends globally. I am the marketing and outreach head for the organization, and I am in charge of curating content for our social media platforms, as well as manage our outreach and connections with organizations that are synchronous with our cause. I, along with my co-lead, oversee our team by guiding them and creating deadlines and presenting a structure for our projects.”

“Taking a ‘students for students’ approach, Lifting Lives focuses on bridging the opportunity gap in school students throughout the United States of America. It aims to level the field by helping disadvantaged students get resources to excel in academic and extracurricular areas. I have been selected as the Junior Officer and will be working on assignments and projects given to me by the Presidents of the organization. I will also be communicating with teams and following up with them regarding their ideas and progress.”

Sanjana plans to continue to work on them in the long term, as well as during her fall semester as she takes classes remotely.