Meeting Miranda Fricker, author of Epistemic Injustice

Students enrolled in the Senior Seminar in Spring 2015 heard Miranda Fricker defend her ideas at a conference at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, on April 27th. Students had already read her work, Epistemic Injustice: Power & the Ethics of Knowing, along with José Medina’s Epistemology of Resistance, and were working on their final papers for the course.

Professor Fricker also read a paper entitled “Explaining Forgiveness.” In between the two sessions of the conference, students enjoyed lunch together.

We also conducted a class meeting in a UMass Boston Philosophy seminar room. Several students gave their presentations and got valuable feedback from their peers.

Professor Partridge and the students in Phil 401 are grateful for the support of the Arts in the City fund to make this thrilling field trip possible.