Luís Amaury Báez

Luís Amaury BáezPrior to working in advertising I was a paralegal for the New York Legal Assistance Group, a non-profit group dedicated to providing legal services under-served populations in NYC. As a paralegal I handled cases where clients were wrongfully denied Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Public Assistance benefits. Speaking Spanish was a critical skill as it allowed me to connect with my clients (most of whom were from the South Bronx, East Harlem, Brooklyn and LES), help them navigate the system and get to the bottom of the discrepancies in their cases. Having studied at Wheaton and in Córdoba helped me master different dialects of Spanish – my clients were from all parts of Latin America.

Currently I’m an advertising Executive for the BBC, and my responsibilities include developing relationships with clients and agency partners and driving revenue across the websites in our network. Though I don’t use Spanish as much in my current career as I did in my previous career in law, it certainly helps me connect with clients that do, and in most cases it opens doors to opportunities for partnerships and incremental revenue. Being able to bond in Spanish has helped me form tighter relationships with clients, many of whom have become friends of mine in the industry. These are people that will no doubt continue to do business with me as I progress in my career.