Molly Skaltsis: Amazon Waterfalls Association Summer 2012

Molly Skaltsis

I extensively searched for a program in which my money left my hands only to be collected directly by those campesinos providing for me. I found that with Amazon Waterfalls Association, run by a 75 year old man with 25 years experience in the region.

This summer I lived in central Perú in a small pueblo called Cuispes and worked alongside locals to complete their dream: the best ecotrek in the world. We built tambos, cleared trails, and planted various flowers and fruit-bearing plants for endangered species. I made a river journey in a lancha to speak with other apus and alcaldes about collaborating with our 100% local run eco project. I was lucky enough to be the first non-Peruvian female to converse with some of these communities, tucked into the forgotten corners of Condorcanqui. I am currently organizing a group of volunteers to complete the Cuispes chapter of the project in summer 2013.