Marise Jiménez: MTV

In my years of schooling there are passions that stand above the rest, for one thing, observing, and reporting has been a skill that I possess. The experiences I have gained in my wide spectrum of internships have served me to apply these talents into a working profession in which I have a drive for. To further solidify my passion, I have come to realize that the engaging and dynamic field of journalism is what I am seeking. When I was accepted into the MTV family as a temporary worker I was not only thrilled but at the same time aware that I was opening up the doors to a possible future career with the company. My past experiences include, a six-month internship with a locally known Miami Beach entertainment magazine, and another with Univision, the largest Spanish network in the USA. The latest internship was this past summer 2011 in MTV Tr3s located in Miami, Beach. The skills I had learned in my previous internships aided in giving me a full creative advantage to complete my responsibilities at MTV. I worked directly with my boss in creating press releases, excel spreadsheets, joined in on creative consul meetings, made phone calls to important clients, scheduled meetings, and overall was treated as a worker, not just an intern. The creative control I was awarded in some of my projects for MTV allowed me to let my work speak for itself and to further realize what I want to commit to in life professionally. In the MTV network I felt right at home because of the friendly and vibrant environment. My boss become a mentor in my journey and trusted me in the operations of the company. I felt I was part of a larger purpose in this company and that this is exactly the type of environment I would strive to work for in the future. An opportunity to continue working in the MTV family, however, this time in NYC is the endeavor that I long for. I am currently awaiting the decision for the MTV headquarters in NYC, till then I continue writing, talking, and observing.