Marise Jiménez: CBS NYC

New York City was my home for the summer and CBS news was the reason for being there. This past spring 2012 I was studying abroad in Spain when I got the wonderful news of being part of the CBS news team for the summer of 2012. I was thrilled to be accepted into the program I had my sights set on. Moreover, I was placed in the Newspath department of CBS. This department provides a wire service to all CBS affiliates as well as international clients. On top of working with Newspath I also worked closely with the CBS affiliates on transcribing, producing, writing, and editing medical, news, and special interest stories. My department also worked with distributing and handling both file footage and original content for the channel. A combination of New York City’s ambiance and the internships fast paced environment helped me secure my passion for journalism. The people I have met have helped me tremendously along the way and hopefully in the future I can continue to learn from them in this same environment. I would like to label my summer 2012 as a complete success with CBS.