Erin Davis

Since graduating Wheaton, I have been able to use Spanish in various areas of my life. Working at Dana Farber Cancer Institute as a Senior Research Technician, I am able to communicate with fellow co-workers in their native language, which often makes tasks easier and leaves less room for mistakes.  Also, as a volunteer in the English as a Second Language at DFCI, I have found that tutoring a non-English speaker is made much easier by understanding how I learned a second language myself.  I can make connections and clarify concepts for my students, which has really elevated my ability to teach them. During my studies in Wheaton, I took Hisp 300 and interned at the Latin American Health Institute where I escorted HIV/AIDS clients to various medical appointments, performed interviews to help determine course of action and breakdown physicians’ orders and collected and maintained personal and health records for client database. In the future, I hope to incorporate Spanish into my every day life and use it to connect to Spanish-speaking communities by working for a non-profit organization dedicated to providing vital services for under-served communities.